Our Philosophy

We help people lead healthier, happier lives by connecting the world to fitness, beauty and wellness.

We strive to surround ourselves with organizations and people who inspire us and contribute to growing the world of health, wellness, and beauty so together - we can make life a little better for our customers and consumers each day.

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Benefits & Resources

Once approved, your portal will include all the business and marketing resources you will need.


Share & Earn

Introduce a friend or customer to a Mindbody solution and earn every single time. You will be in a select group of partners to hear about new partner initiatives before anyone else.


Learn all about the Mindbody solutions and earn the badges that are respected more than any other for tech in the the world of health, wellness, and beauty.

Marketing Tools

Access an entire library of resources you can brand with your logo at any time. Share information through social media and even use the email templates provided.

Partner Advisor

Your Partner Advisor will work with you to compile goals, give guidance and act as your internal advocate at Mindbody. When we work together, the possibilities are endless

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Integrate Your Technology

Build solutions such as mobile apps, websites, and other digital applications--or integrate your existing software-- using our API. Once your integration catches on with Mindbody customers, you can apply to join our Partner Store.


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Apply to the segment of the Mindbody Partner Program that best fits you and what you are looking to acheive with us.


We are not currently accepting or reviewing Payment Partner applications. 

Customer Advocate

Using a Mindbody product you love? Become an advocate and #ShareTheLove. Simply tell a friend to earn rewards. 



Collaborate with the Mindbody team to launch a co-branded partnership that gives your network the tools for success. 



Build integrations using our APIs. Once your solution catches on, you will have the chance to join the Partner Store. 



Do you have a consumer brand? Start the conversation on how to collaborate with us to tap into the health, wellness, and beauty industries.

Let's work together.

Join our thriving partner ecosystem.


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